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AdOutreach September 2020 Recap

We had our 5th Consecutive Record-Breaking Month hitting $820,900 Revenue in September! 🚀

Written By Aleric Heck | CEO of AdOutreach
BIG Wins & Lessons from Another Record Month In September!

We had our 5th Consecutive Record-Breaking Month hitting $820,900 Revenue in September! 🚀

As I have in past months I wanted to document the journey & share some of my biggest lessons & takeaways from September! Hope you find them valuable! 🙂

The Biggest Shift - We Increased Standards for the ENTIRE TEAM

I knew going into September that I needed to elevate & empower my team to lock-in the mentality of a 7 Figure a MONTH Team.

So I went into every meeting instilling the mindset that EVERY Team & EVERY Team Member needed to raise their own standards to operate & perform at the new high levels we’re holding ourselves too.

I needed each department to own their own identity as part of an Elite 8 Figure Company -- and a big part of that was inspiring through leadership.

I spent a great deal of time cultivating exactly what I was going to say on team meetings and I made it a point to share the “Vision for AdOutreach” on almost every major weekly meeting.

The AdOutreach "Dream Teams"

In all of our meeting what used to be a nickname I’d coined for the Sales Team -- “Sales Dream Team” became a new standard I spread to all of my departments.

Very soon there was a…

 - Client Success Dream Team
 - Marketing Dream Team
 - Operations Dream Team
 - & of Course The OG Sales Dream Team

Now this may sound ‘funny’ or even a bit cliched/corny -- but in actuality giving each team this nickname honed within them a new Identity - and a feeling of being a part of an Elite Team that can accomplish anything & constantly hit new heights.

We Crafted our AdOutreach Core Vision/Mission Statement

It’s one of those funny things, as a leader & founder, I though ‘of course everyone knows the vision of AdOutreach’ - but in reality everyone had an ‘idea’ of what that vision & mission was - but not EXACTLY what it was.

So I set out to put into words our concrete Vision Statement so our entire team could emulate what we stand for & represent.

Here's The AdOutreach Core Vision:

“We are Committed to Empowering Every Entrepreneur & Business Owner to Share their Unique Talents, Ideas & Solutions with the World by Reaching their Ideal Clients through Value-Driven Video Marketing.”

This is a vision I now share with the team on all of our meetings, trainings & materials. So that they too can engrain this vision into their DNA as a part of the AdOutreach team.

I also worked with my Executive Team to craft our Core Values - which I am presenting to the team on this week’s upcoming Q4 All Hands Meeting.

I'm Investing More in Coaches & 
Training Programs for my Team Members

I’ve always been someone to find immense value in investing in my own Coaching & Growth.

And I’ve made several strategic investments in the past into key members of my team.

But here’s the crazy thing I’ve learned & why I’ve doubled down on this…

Investing in Coaching & Training Programs for your Team is The Ultimate LEVERAGE in your Business

It gives you the power to invest in them to either learn new skills or improve on existing skills and talents -- overall vastly improving your business -- without little of your own time or energy.

This is truly one of the greatest leverage points in business.

The same way that many larger businesses invest in our YouTube Ads Programs for their Marketing Directors or Marketing Teams to go through (as opposed to themselves).

I too have doubled down on this.

Just last month I invested in Enrolling my Head of Operations into a Top Tier COO Mastermind to level up her skills & grow into her future role.

As well as investments into Top Client Success Coaches, Virtual CFO Services as well as Sales Trainers.

All this complimenting my involvement here in Elite for my own growth as a CEO & Business!

Investing in Your Team is the Ultimate Leverage - Even rivaling that of investing in yourself. And when you do both in conjunction -- explosive business growth occurs.

I Committed to Playing the Infinite Game

Over the past month I read Simon Sinek’s book “The Infinite Game”

I resonated strongly with the message of the book that the goal of businesses playing an Infinite Game is to Keep Playing the Game -- not merely to “Win” - because to recognize you can win is to also recognize you can lose.

Without knowing it I’ve had an Infinite Mindset when it comes to business. 

I see my business as a growing organism -- one that needs to be nourished, enriched, well taken care of & one who’s continued growth & success I would like to see as Infinite.

Even though I already had some of these ideas myself -- the book open my mind to the understanding that I needed to think big picture -- what is AdOutreach? How can AdOutreach last forever?

If you read my Vision statement above you’ll notice a piece of this thinking in play. Notice nowhere in our mission statement is the words “YouTube Ads” even though that is at the core of what I do right now.

Why would I, who arguably is one of the best in the world at YouTube Ads (especially for Coaches, Consultants & Courses) leave out YouTube Ads from our Core Vision?

It’s because the platform itself is irrelevant.

After deep thinking I realized what I truly am gifted at…

Direct Response Value-Based Video Marketing

Since the dawn of film video marketing has been around and it will continue to be around long after YouTube as well - although I don’t see YouTube going away anytime soon, haha!

So in order to setup my business to play the Infinite Game - I needed to adjust how I look at what we do & what our core expertise really is…

And that is empowering Entrepreneurs & Business Owners to reach their Ideal Clients using Video Marketing that is Value-Based & Converts (Direct Response).

Connecting our own Success with it's Impact on Clients

One big shift I’ve made in my Leadership Style is constantly reinforcing our own Success as a barometer for the Impact we’re having on our clients.

One of our Core Values is that “When our Clients Succeed, we Succeed”

And that is a value I want to keep at the forefront of all of our minds on a day-to-day basis - one that will impact how we show up & how we lead our clients to success.

So I started connecting the dots in every department:

For our Client Success Team:

Reinforcing the idea that our commitment to client success is of the utmost importance and encouraging our team to reach out to clients who may need additional accountability or help..

One of my favorite things to see is our own Client Success Wins Channel in Slack - where every day our entire team gets to share in the excitement of all the wins & success our clients are having on a daily basis!

But this is also key for the Sales Team too:

It’s a lot easier to ‘miss’ a high ticket enrollment when you just think of it as a ‘number’ or dollar figure.

BUT when you think of it as the literal difference between a potential client’s success or lack-thereof - it’s a lot harder to just let objections get the best of them.

When you have a Sales Team that is in full congruence that to Enroll someone who needs our Help is FOR THE CLIENT and not for us -- your team naturally enrolls far more people. It’s human nature to strive to help others & this authenticity shines through to potential clients.

Constantly Reinforcing the Impact We Have

I’m constantly reinforcing with our teams the impact that we’re having on our clients.

Whether it’s discussing Johnathan who almost gave up & got a 9-5 before committing to AdOutreach & going from his first $10k month to $100k month with 10x ROAS literally telling us we transformed his business.

Or longer standing clients like David & Eli who have made Millions of Dollars & built entire businesses off of what we help them achieve.

I remind our team every week that what we’re doing matters & has an impact.

And when you can remind your team of this, success is not just what we owe ourselves -- but also what we owe our clients & future clients.

Note How Everything I've Said Up Until this 
Point is Big Picture & Not Tactic Driven

One big shift I made this last month as I’m sure you can see from all of my lessons above, was really taking a shift to Higher Level & Bigger Picture thinking.

September’s success wasn’t about tactics -- and yes there’s some fancy new Ad Tricks I’ve deployed, sales strategies we’ve implemented, etc.

But what I found was the real difference maker I was able to make came from LEADERSHIP & VISION

Sharing the vision of AdOutreach with the Team

Inspiring the Team to see the Impact we have on Clients

And Directing these 2 shared visions together to create success for our Clients, Business & Ourselves

Refined Specialist & Sales Strategies - Emphasis on "Hunted Sets"

So I will share a few tactics that have worked quite well for us as well.

One major shift has been a complete overhaul of our Specialist SOPs and Mantra

In the past more emphasis was placed on inbound leads, triaging, handling 2-steps on Facebook etc.

But in this past month we have doubled down on Outbound Dials (to our webinar registrants) - which we call “Hunted Sets”

We’ve gamified this & inspired our A+ Specialist team to call EVERY Webinar Registrant & help lead them through our process.

Like Everything else I’ve discussed above, we’re now approaching this from a Lead Focused & Helping Angle -- our team is there to provide resources to nurture & guide potential clients on their own journeys.

This has been paying off in spades and will only continue to pay off in the long-run!

OmniPresent Retargeting + YouTube Ads

A lot of people know me as the Master of YouTube Ads -- which is true haha - I eat sleep & breathe YouTube & I’ve been doing YouTube Ads for a long time.

But at the same time I’ve been working behind the scenes to completely revitalize our backend program to contain an entirely new OmniPresent Retargeting strategy!

I call it our OmniPresent Retargeting Machine!

Taking all the leads & traffic I get from YouTube Ads and running them through a carefully & intricately designed “deadly marketing funnel” specifically aimed to indoctrinate your ideal clients, get them to convert quicker & squeeze every drop of juice from leads coming in the door.

You see what you may not realize is whether you’re using YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, or even both. You’re likely leaving dozens or even hundreds of clients on the table by not running your own “OmniPresent Retargeting Machine”

For instance, on YouTube Ads alone we have over 7 different retargeting campaigns running, all with their own unique purpose, designed to indoctrinate our ideal clients.

Here's just a taste:

- YouTube In-Stream Retargeting Ads (5 Different Video Types x 3 Targeting Strategies)

- YouTube Discovery Ads (MASSIVE Indoctrination) - 3 Types

- Google Display Ads

- Google Discovery Ads

- Google Search Ads - Exact Match & RLSA

- AdRoll Retargeting - ridiculous impressions everywhere

- Facebook Retargeting Ads - 3 Different Styles

- Facebook Group & ManyChat Retargeting - Highly Effective

- LinkedIn Retargeting Ads

- LinkedIn Message Ads (these are crazy effective)

… And many more (seriously) …

I’ve realized for success Retargeting Ads you need 3 Main Elements:

- CTAs (Push to Take Action)
- Proof (Testimonials)
- Value (Content & Videos to paint you as the expert)

When you get all of these platforms to work together, with the Right Content at the Right Time in front of The Right Prospects → You Win. Full Stop.

Packaging these New Strategies as the Next Level for Clients

What I’ve done now in my marketing & messaging has shifted to an approach where I now recommend clients go through YouTube Ads First, and then the Next Step is implementing our OmniPresent Retargeting Machine.

We have some clients who join right off the bat by going “Direct to Inner Circle” for both the YouTube Ads + OmniPresent Retargeting.

This is similar to Direct to Elite Enrollments here.

And then those who don’t enroll in both right away will enroll into our YouTube Ads program but already have in the back of their mind that the NEXT STEP after YouTube Ads IS OmniPresent Retargeting - and therefore be far more likely to upgrade into our Inner Circle!

This has already dramatically boosted our Upgrades & I expect it to surge even more in the coming months!

I also expect that many people soon will start to see me as BOTH the YouTube Ads Expert AND OmniPresent Retargeting Expert

And that’s a new key to my overall branding strategy for myself.

This is yet another way I am thinking ahead & playing an Infinite Game


Overall September was an incredible month, although we did fall a bit short of our initial targets (and SO CLOSE to an 8 Figure run rate!) 

We still hit our 5th Consecutive Record 
Breaking Month at $820k Revenue! 🚀

And I know all of the Infinite Game & Higher Level Vision & Work I’ve done & will continue to do will line me up for even more exponential success going forward!

Our team is in alignment and we are focused on achieving our first $1 Million Month! 🚀

October is going to be incredible & I can’t wait to share what I learn!

Hope you found this valuable! 😃
We are committed to empowering every entrepreneur & business owner to share their unique talents, ideas & solutions with the world by reaching their ideal clients through value-driven video marketing.
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