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AdOutreach October 2020 Recap

Officially taking AdOutreach to an 8-Figure Run-Rate! 🚀

Written By Aleric Heck | CEO of AdOutreach

As has become tradition, I wanted to share all of the Wins & Lessons I’ve learned over the past month! 

Kicked Off The Month with An All-Hands Team Meeting for Q4 & got the team clear on our Values & Vision

As we started October we knew it was not only going to be a big month but that it was also going to be a big quarter for us at AdOutreach.

Earlier in the year, we started a quarterly “All Hands on Deck” meeting which has quickly evolved into a staple of our team, especially with our fast growth I feel it’s incredibly important to introduce the team members from different departments to one another & also get everyone clear on our goals & vision!

We started off this meeting with our AdOutreach Core Mission:

“We are Committed to Empowering Every Entrepreneur & Business Owner to Share their Unique Talents, Ideas & Solutions with the World by Reaching their Ideal Clients through Value-Driven Video Marketing.”

And going over our Core Values:

1. Empowering Successful Clients: We believe that when our clients succeed, we succeed. We want to empower every business owner, and will therefore go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals.

2. Leading with Passion & Excellence: We all use our passion as fuel to strive for excellence in everything we do.

3. Operating with Integrity: We take pride in our work and take ownership of our actions. We communicate both internally and externally with unwavering honesty and respect.

4. Embracing Growth: We provide an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth. We are constantly seeking innovation and growth in order to create a larger and longer-lasting impact.

In addition to unveiling our core values, we also introduced “Core Value Awards” for our team members going above and beyond for our clients & team!

This was an instant hit & now we have team members nominating each other for awards based on the incredible work they do to go above & beyond. The first two recipients were more than deserving & I’m excited to see us continue to award those who exemplify everything AdOutreach represents!

After that, we got the team clear on our goals for the quarter, of achieving $1 Million+ Months and our goal for October specifically, which was $900k.

As you can tell we came pretty close - although not quite hitting that goal, unfortunately, ending at $891k. 

However, in the process, we achieved our 6th Consecutive Record-Breaking Month & crossed into 8 Figure /yr run rate -- which puts us in a whole new league of businesses!

Finally, we wrapped up the day with a fun Team Virtual Escape Room Event! -- Those of you that know me know I LOVE Escape Rooms -- so to be able to share that with the team & bond over some challenging & fun puzzles was a great time to bring the team together!

Overcame a Slow Start - Empowered the Team to New Heights

Coming into the first week of October we had several setbacks that caused us to have a slower start than we’d like, but we were able to overcome this by Empowering the Team.

One thing that I drilled into my Team is the concept of having $1 Million/mo Sales Team DNA -- the fact that this team, right here, is a team that has the capacity to achieve $1 Million Months+ because it’s ingrained into our DNA.

So when we started the month behind where we needed to be I made sure to motivate the team to tap into that inner part of them that just ‘makes deals happen’ and reminded them that it’s not about a deal for us, it’s about the CLIENT -- this decision to join our YouTube Ads program has the power to make or break a business -- we’ve seen it happen numerous times. 

Getting the team 100% aligned with WHY they’re enrolling clients & keeping that 100% congruent with the clients best interests allows them to tap into that extra 10, 20 30% to go 130% on a call & ensure that we help people make a decision to dramatically improve their business through YouTube Ads.

We’ve reinforced this with the team by showing the countless testimonials, Wins & successes that our clients have when they join. How clients cut costs in half from FB to YT, people who struggled to get paid traffic to work scaling $100k+/mo solely with YouTube Ads, etc. -- by getting the sales team fully on board with the RESULTS we help our clients achieve we were able to empower them to naturally go the extra mile to help prospects make the right decision.

You see I truly believe that ingrained in our Human DNA we are more likely to go the extra mile to HELP OTHERS than we are to ingratiate ourselves. 

-- For this reason, it is so important to make it clear how we need to show up 100% to every single person who schedules a strategy call because it’s not about us & our goals, it’s about THEM & their goals -- and how we can help them achieve that with YouTube Ads.

Switched our Marketing KPIs from Apps to “Approved Apps” - Massive Clarity for Marketing Team

One big shift that we made with the marketing team was to stop just focusing on Apps & App Cost as the primary Marketing KPI.

I realized that there was a discrepancy between the desire to achieve a specific App Cost KPI & the desire to achieve the highest quality applications possible.

When the focus was just placed on one or the other it didn’t provide enough clarity to the teams.

So now we’re focusing on “Approved App Costs” as the baseline metric & KPI for Marketing Team success.

So far this has proved to be a small but incredibly beneficial change that has provided a large amount of clarity with the team for what we want to achieve.

Started our AdOutreach Rocket Award for clients who cross $100k/mo with YouTube Ads

This is a fun one!

We realized that there’s dozens & dozens of clients who have gone through our process and achieved at least $100k/mo from their YouTube Ads!

So we decided to celebrate this major milestone even more by offering the “AdOutreach $100k/mo Rocket Award” for achieving $100k/mo from YouTube Ads!

We just shipped out our first batch to clients who qualified & it’s already proving to be a massive success -- a great way to celebrate client achievement!

And something new clients can strive for once they enroll in the program!

I wrote “The Advertiser’s Success Manifesto” 
- Controversial but Needed

Last weekend I carved out an extended period of time to write “The Advertiser’s Success Manifesto” about a False Dichotomy I’ve noticed in the Advertising industry.

Where most people believe you either have to hire an Agency or take a Course.

But I wanted to paint the picture for the third option (Done-With-You) and why it time & time again has proven to provide the best results for businesses looking to implement advertising.

It’s a bit controversial, and definitely offended a lot of marketers, but it’s a needed message right now.

I know I shared it with you in the past, but if you’d like another copy, feel free to reach out and I’ll get you hooked up.

Spent Time Planning Long-Term AdOutreach Goals & Vision

The past month I’ve spent a lot of time planning out the Long-Term vision of AdOutreach & everything we’re looking to achieve.

While I can’t document everything here publicly, I am very excited about what the future has in store & the growth we’ll experience is going to be tremendous.

We have a big vision, big goals & an incredible team to make it happen!

Kept Growing the AdOutreach Dream Team - FlyWheel

Speaking of Team! This is one thing I’ve really been investing in & focusing on growing!

I’ve mentioned in previous recaps that we’ve been focusing on growing each of our Dream Teams:

 - Client Success Dream Team
 - Marketing Dream Team
 - Operations Dream Team
 - Sales Dream Team

But what’s crazy is how quickly we’ve grown!

We’ve hired some A++ Talent on all of these teams, bringing on half a dozen new team members in October alone!

Now AdOutreach has over 30+ Dream Team Members all dedicated to growing & helping our clients succeed at the highest levels!

This creates a Massive Flywheel 

Because the more team members we bring onto the Dream Team, the more clients we can get great results with YouTube Ads, which means we get more clients, can grow the team more & the cycle continues!

This is the Business Growth Fly-Wheel of growing an Incredible Team!

Empowering my Teams & Being the True CEO

Growing my team & providing them with autonomy has allowed me to truly become the CEO & see the bigger picture.

This has allowed me to plan out not only our path to $1 Million/mo but also our path to 2 Million, 3 Million. And even have a Top Secret plan on how to take my companies to $1 Billion. -- I’ll be sure to update all of you along the way!

The point being, as I’ve grown the Dream Team, I too have been able to grow my Vision for our Team & it’s Success, allowing me to see even higher & envision even greater heights!

Big things are coming & in the grand scheme of things it is truly a great feeling to know that an $891k month & an 8-Figure run rate is just the BEGINNING.
I hope you found my learning lessons valuable! 

Big things are coming this month, this year & in the years ahead! 🚀

- Aleric Heck

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