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AdOutreach November 2020 Recap

November was a month filled with valuable learning lessons...

Written By Aleric Heck | CEO of AdOutreach
November was a month filled with valuable learning lessons that will propel us to $1 Million+ Months! As always, I want to share a recap of my wins & what I learned!

To begin, as you can tell this post started a bit differently. For the first time in 10 months, we did not hit a new record revenue count. It turned out to be a “pull” month, which is just as important.

Why? Because even though pushing for record months is awesome… you also need a bit of a “pull” to get everything in line, learn new lessons & line yourself up for even greater success!

So today, I want to share with you not just the highs of the month, but also the lows I experienced that most entrepreneurs are afraid to talk about.  

It all comes back to a mantra that I live by:

In business & marketing, you either succeed or learn lessons for future success. The only failure is the failure to learn.

In Marketing, especially with our YouTube Ads clients, I call this the “Marketer’s Mindset”. 

You either:

Create a campaign that succeeds & scale that campaign...


You create a campaign that you LEARN FROM & then tweak, revise, change &/or adapt for future success.

This is how you create an “ALWAYS WIN” formula.

You either have a winning ad campaign that you can scale OR you learn a lesson that gives you the knowledge to succeed in the future.

These are the exact principles we use with our clients to help them see massive success. They aren’t as sexy as the campaigns we scale -- but they play a key role in the overall process.

In fact, the exact same rules apply to business.

So what were my biggest Lessons in November?

Lesson #1: 
Focus on playing your best game -- Not the scoreboard

I’m going to get real with you for a second because this lesson is dear to my heart.

I like to believe I’m a humble person. I don’t flaunt my wealth around or brag about my success.

However... I slowly succumbed to hubris -- the silly thought that I will always hit records.

It didn’t necessarily come from some overinflated sense of self...instead, it came from what my experience has been for all of 2020, constantly hitting record after record.

Since January we scaled from $200-250k/mo to $890k in October.

And I would never say that this was easy. There were a lot of lessons & mistakes I’ve learned along the way (see my past monthly recaps for these)

But with each new month, a new record followed… and it blinded me to reality. 

It blinded me so much that when the first week of November started off painfully slow... I freaked out for a second. 

Because after that slow week, it became clear that I was not going to hit the $1 Million month… something I thought would be simple given what we’ve done in the past. 

This caused me to worry about things I shouldn’t have, and run into a classic mistake that most entrepreneurs make. In other words...

I started focusing on the SCOREBOARD instead of playing my best game. 

As a result, I lost sight of the forest through the trees. I began to let the little things ruin my day instead of focusing on the overall vision.

I let this affect me for about a week -- and honestly, it affected my happiness, my sense of worth & had a negative impact on the business for about a week.

UNTIL I reflected, assessed where I was, and REMEMBERED my mantra:

In business & marketing, you either succeed or learn lessons for future success. The only failure is the failure to learn.

So, as I reflect on the past... what should I have done instead?

The answer is, and what will always be...

Focus on playing my best game. 

Now here’s the thing... Even though I didn’t hit a record month, I wouldn’t trade learning this lesson.

Because it gives more meaning to the month when everything does line up & we hit records.

Plus, when I step back to put things in perspective… we STILL had our 3rd best month ever! 

I’d say that November was a WIN.

(That’s the Always Win Mindset.)

Lesson #2: 
80/20 of Normalization

Going hand in hand with the above... My next lesson was on the power behind “80/20 of Normalization." 

Let me explain.

For a long time, I used to operate like this: 99% normalize 1% celebrate. But this caught up to me last month.

As I reflected on my lessons, I discovered something interesting…

For about a week in November, I constantly beat myself up for not being on track for our targets.

In fact, when I broke into 8-Figure / Year Business Status in October with our first $890,000 month, I realized I was excited for one hour before I hit the pavement again.

I just made a quick post on Slack and went back to work. 

I didn’t celebrate one bit. I didn’t have dinner with coworkers or friends. I didn’t buy myself anything, I didn’t celebrate this massive milestone in my business at all. 

Now I’m getting a little vulnerable, but I feel as entrepreneurs, many of you will resonate with me here…

I fell into the trap of 99% normalization & virtually no celebration.

Now don’t get me wrong, Normalization is MORE important than celebration -- without normalization, you won’t rise to greater heights. 

(After all, it’s way too easy to get overly complacent and settle.) 

But there are moments where it is important to take some time to celebrate major milestones!

Like most things in life, It’s definitely an 80/20 rule -- 80% Normalize, but use the 20% to celebrate what you’ve achieved to fuel future growth.

So with that said I’ve already picked out the next Rolex I’m getting myself when I hit my first $1 Million Month!⌚ 

And that brings me to this next section…

Onward to wins!

Launched Our OmniPresent Retargeting Machine Webinar

Alright onto some more exciting topics!

In November I launched my brand new OmniPresent Retargeting Machine Webinar.

This was based on a strategy that I’ve been using for myself & a select number of our Inner Circle clients:

Essentially, retargeting everyone who lands on our Website EVERYWHERE ONLINE.

Think of the OmniPresent Retargeting Machine as a gigantic microwave.

All of your Leads are Popcorn Kernels you put into the Microwave.

Then you turn on the OmniPresent Retargeting Machine Microwave to constantly warm up those leads like popcorn kernels until they POP & become Clients!

We’ve found that this works incredibly well & have started to implement this into client businesses with incredible success. 

In fact, for some of our clients… their revenue & profits skyrocketed over 50%, and one client cut client acquisition costs in half!

Now, we get most of our leads from our own YouTube Ads campaigns Top of Funnel because that’s our bread & butter...

But regardless of where you get your leads from I highly recommend retargeting them *everywhere* online to warm up those leads.

After I learned the 2 lessons I shared above, I spent the remainder of November working double-time to create an entirely new webinar from scratch: 

Our OmniPresent Retargeting Webinar!

Actually, I went from Slide 0 to 140, filmed on EverWebinar & brand new ads running in 7 days flat (a new record!)

And now I’m running this webinar “Middle-of-Funnel” to all of our leads which works quite well! 

Plus, it fits perfectly into our Backend “Inner Circle” offer that has both Advanced YouTube Ads + OmniPresent Retargeting!

I Prioritized Guest Appearances & PR

I was truly honored to be invited by Chris & Taylor (Founders of Traffic & Funnels) to write the Foreword to “The Consultant Next Door”!

It was amazing to introduce the book, the concepts that have helped me grow my business & set the stage for all the golden nuggets of value within the book! 

It truly was an honor to be a part of such a huge launch! 

NEW: A special “guest appearance”...

In November, I also had my biggest business podcast guest appearance to date...

A sit down on the Social Media Examiner Podcast with Mike Stelzner!

(If you aren’t aware, it’s the #3 Marketing Podcast on iTunes🎉)

It was amazing getting to jam about YouTube Ads & marketing with Mike -- as well as reach like-minded marketers & entrepreneurs!

I set in motion plans for the new AdOutreach HQ

This is incredibly exciting!!

I am laying the groundwork for the brand new 4,000+ Sq Foot AdOutreach Office HQ in a brand new city!

This has been months in the making & there’s still a lot more to go... but we are close to finalizing our plans to move & build out an entirely new office so we can be a Hybrid Remote + In-Person Team!

Big things are coming for 2021 & the years ahead!

I hope you all found this November Recap, Lessons & Wins valuable!

I learned so much in November and it was a month where I laid a lot of groundwork for the future that will serve me in the months, years & literally decades to come! 

Now I’m off to apply everything I learned to make way for even more growth and reach our first $1 Million Month, as well as many more amazing months in the future!

Big Things are Coming -- The Journey is the Reward! 😁💯🚀 
I hope you found my learning lessons valuable! 

Big things are coming this month, this year & in the years ahead! 🚀

- Aleric Heck

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