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AdOutreach June 2020 Recap

This is going to sound like bragging!

Written By Aleric Heck | CEO of AdOutreach
We set a goal of 500,000 USD in June... and absolutely blasted through our subsequent stretch goals of 550,000, 600,000, and 650,000 USD.
We couldn't make goals as fast as we could hit them! 
So I'm taking some time to reflect on what an incredible month we had, and how we're going to use that momentum to hit our next goal of $1m+ / month by EOY.

Normalizing & Compounding Momentum

We started the month coming off the back of another record the previous month in May…
But instead of taking (too much) time to celebrate, we knew that we needed to NORMALIZE that success.
If 450,000 USD is the "new normal," that gives us room to move PAST the new normal. 
In other words…
If we got too caught up in celebrating 450,000 as an achievement…
We would never be in the right mindset to hit our next goals.

Does that make sense?

Doubling down on bringing in top 1% talent

Before I hired a Marketing Content Coordinator this month, I honestly didn't know if I had enough work for someone to fill that roll.
Turns out there’s TOO many things I have her doing!
It's funny how adding a crucial team member opens up all new avenues and possibilities.
She implemented an AMA format that made us at least $50-80k in trackable sales -- mostly from a FB Group AMA + Specialist power combo approach.
This month I really got clarity on what roll my Head of Operations is able to fulfill.
They are THE frontline of our operational success…
AKA keeping everything from crashing & burning…
And they’re the one who can execute and create Standard Operating Procedures around our overarching vision.
Fully trusting my Head of Operations & working closely with her has allowed me to operate at a higher level while KNOWING that the team continuously executes the way they should.
Bottom line:
If you have a feeling you need someone for a role, and you find a great person -- HIRE THEM! It's worth it!

I became even more of a CEO

This month I have dedicated a significant amount of time to "Higher Level Thinking"
My mentors have instilled in me the importance of acting in my role as a CEO & looking at the big picture.
The book they recommended to me -- "The Road Less Stupid" -- has had a dramatic impact on how I run my business.
(pick it up btw).
Just taking time to ask questions & just THINK has helped me reach greater levels quicker than ever before.
Stepping out of the weeds and focusing on the big picture.
That's how you steer the ship of a company that hits big goals.
Plus, when I did that…
It opened up space for me to TEACH my TEAM how to think.
I had my executive team also read "The Road Less Stupid" & I could instantly see the impact it has had on their own decision making.
Just hearing them use the phrase "high level" has been great.
And having them understand the big picture & make decisions for themselves has been amazing to lead & see.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly...

Marketing is everything... Spend More to Make More

Marketing is our superpower! 
We LITERALLY wrote -- and continue to write -- the book on YouTube Ads.
So why limit a superpower? This month I spent more on our Marketing & YouTube Ads than I ever had before.
And it paid off -- BIG TIME
I'm great at optimizing ads -- but there's only so much you can optimize an already optimized campaign.
Only so much lemon juice you can get out of one lemon. So instead of just squeezing harder -- why not buy 2 lemons?
There's so much more you can do by increasing your marketing budget.
And as the YouTube Ads guy -- I had fun ramping up!
We literally have 30 campaigns "Limited by budget."
YouTube is super scalable so I was dying to increase our spend and get more apps / sales.
And this month I said… "You know what? We've got the sales team, let's do it!"

I ramped up our ad spend & wouldn’t you know it…
Our apps & sales went up, too!.
It was kind of a no-brainer -- but one I sometimes have to remind myself about.
Sometimes people get so caught up in budgets that you forget when you run ads with high ROAS -- you can set your own budgets & returns!
All of that is to say:
Smashing our goals & hitting 685 grand was a culmination of following the process and implementing literally every day!
Now it's time to NORMALIZE & set my team's sights on 750,000 USD, 1 million & beyond!
Oh and one one last thing…

We did most of this with YT ads.

(Some FB, but mostly YT).

That’s because if you advertise on YT the way my team does…
It just plain works.

I hope you found my lessons valueable!

I hope you found my learning lessons valuable! 

Big things are coming this month, this year & in the years ahead! 🚀

- Aleric Heck

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