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AdOutreach July 2020 Recap

Lessons learned from hitting $726,594 in July!

Written By Aleric Heck | CEO of AdOutreach
It’s a bit shy of our goal of $750k, but still a new record… And more importantly, it’s setting us on the path to our first $1M month.
As has become a bit of a tradition now, I wanted to share some lessons I learned along the way that helped us hit this new record, so...

Don’t be afraid to ask the Big Questions.

Similar to how I shifted to Higher-Level "CEO" thinking about my business last month…
I also shifted into asking Higher Level Questions about myself this month.
I started doing some thinking about how I can guarantee that I will be worth my current goal of $100 Million...
But instead of thinking about what this just looks like by the time I retire, I started adding constraints.
What would I have to do to get there in 20 years, 10 years, etc?
How would my plan need to change to reach my goals FASTER? And therefore be able to unlock even higher & greater goals?
This has been an amazing thought exercise on personal goal planning.

Push your team to break their personal records.

I realized that the key to record breaking months is to have my ENTIRE TEAM pushing for their own records.
This month we had THREE different Senior Advisors all pushing to do over $200k -- and 2 of them hit it! (the 3rd will no doubt this month)
By pushing my own team to break their own personal records -- we hit our own collective records! 🚀

Hire when you see a need.

I noticed more and more that my Head of Operations (and at the time also Sales Coordinator) was really being pulled in a lot of different directions...
So we had our recruiters work tirelessly on sourcing a new, full-time Sales Coordinator -- and we found an amazing one! 
Within just one week he had fully integrated into the team and is now vetting applications like a PRO.
I can’t stress enough how valuable I’ve found it to hire as soon as you see a need -- because that probably means you truly needed that person months ago!

Never throw away opportunities

I had something interesting happen to me this month.
We created a new "Junior Advisor" role
This new Junior Advisor will be taking the more questionable applications & calls…
But instead of just setting them, actually walk them through a full Strategy Session himself.
This is a great way to be "in the wings" and get in reps, without risking our hotter pipeline that we have room for on our Senior Advisor calendars.
This is a newer development so I’ll share the results soon -- but so far he’s been bringing in deals from applications we may have otherwise thrown away -- that’s a big win!

Check your ego

I’ll be honest, before this month I had a bit of an Ego problem when it comes to just ONE part of my business…
Running my own YouTube Ads.
I mean, I was thinking, "I literally wrote the book on YouTube Ads for High Ticket Sales" (which is true)....
But that blinded me into thinking ONLY I could run my own ads.
This was backed up by the great results we were getting month after month.
But soon it became pretty cumbersome.
I was SINGLE-HANDEDLY running all the Ad Campaigns for a $700k+ business!!
And I also have to do everything as the CEO & Owner -- already big responsibilities.

I hired my first Media Buying Protege & I have 2 more that will join the team by mid-August! With a career path lined up to pull me out of day-to-day Marketing over the next few months.
And guess what?
It led to MUCH better results than even I could achieve on my own.
So now that I’ve ‘seen the light’ I am excited to grow a Media Buying DREAM TEAM similar to my CS & Sales teams that can take us to that next level & implement my own strategies better than I can myself - because they have more TIME.

Remember to have fun!

Especially with so much going on in the world, it’s important to remember to HAVE FUN!
I’m building this business because I want to not only have an impact on clients & reach levels of success I know I can…
But I’m also building this business to create an incredible culture for my team. One that I can be proud to lead.
And sometimes part of that is about bonding & just plain having fun!
So I surprised my team with a Virtual Escape Room Experience.
And it was a total BLAST! 
We had to solve puzzles & work together in order to launch a rocket in time -- and YES we launched that rocket! 🚀
It was fun to be able to give back to my team that I know works so hard to help our clients & our business succeed. 
And it’s great to see that other side of people, when we can get to know each other better and have fun!

Don’t neglect areas for improvement

So, we missed our $750k goal by just $24,000.
But that wasn’t on the Front End Sales Team’s Side at all…
We came up short on our Backend Upgrades -- and with just 2 more we would have hit our goal!
So I made sure my CS Team was clear that upgrading clients is in THEIR best interest, not just ours.
We KNOW how much more we can help clients achieve when they commit to having us help them for more time & even if they don’t see that vision, we need to LEAD THEM there, we owe it to them as our clients.

So there we have it…
Lessons learned from hitting $726,594 in July!
I hope you found my learning lessons valuable! 

Big things are coming this month, this year & in the years ahead! 🚀

- Aleric Heck

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