AdOutreach February 2021 Recap

Another Record-Breaking Month - We hit $949,384 in Revenue!

Written By Aleric Heck | CEO of AdOutreach

Just shy of the $1 Million Month we were shooting for, but given the constraints we had in February, this is a big step towards our first $1 Million Month! 🚀

As I love to do like always, I want to share some of my biggest Learning Lessons with you that I had throughout February! 💯

First, let me start with some advice I gave to one of our Inner Circle clients on a Hot Seat call we had last week. She asked about a month she just had that didn’t quite live up to the expectations she had after hitting several records in a row & I could tell she was looking for clarity on the month she had in February.

I told her a lesson I’ve carried ever since we had our own ‘down month’ back in November of 2020 (I recommend reading that recap if you haven’t yet.):

"A month is what you make it. Very successful months where you don't know why it was successful... isn't actually a successful month because you can't replicate it. It’s the same thing with a month that doesn't turn out as good. If you don't know why it didn't turn out well, then yes that's a bad month."

This all comes back to the concept I’ve shared in these recaps before:

"The Marketer's Mindset" (which is actually the topic for my upcoming TED Talk)

Where in Business, same as in Marketing, you’re constantly testing new things (whether they be marketing tests, new offers or products, where to focus your time, business strategies, etc.), and from those tests, you see one of two things: 

The first is success, from which you scale up & learn how to repeat that success. OR the tests produce negative results - where you can use what you LEARN from that result in order to get closer to success the next time you test.

In this Marketer's Mindset - the only "failures" is the failure to LEARN.

And this goes both ways -- you need to learn what makes a test (or a month) successful just as much as you need to know what makes a down month less successful.

That way you can use that knowledge to keep adding to your success while eliminating the things that drag you down.

Virtually every successful marketer I know behaves with this mindset -- testing new campaigns or ads, scaling those that work & learning from those that do not. Repeating this process again & again until what you’re left with is the highest converting campaigns!

But what many do not know is that this exact same principle can be applied to business as well!

Here's a Lighthearted, Simplified & Visual Example of what I mean:

Visualize your business as a wooden platform that starts on the ground. On that platform, you have a series of boxes that contain either balloons that will attach to the platform pulling it upwards (which is your goal) or weights that will attempt to drag the platform down (away from the goal).

Maybe you have a theory about which boxes contain what, but you don’t know for sure until you test them. You’re opening boxes and all of a sudden you see balloons (of many different sizes) start to attach themselves to your platform pulling it upwards towards your goal. But soon some of those boxes start to produce weights (of different sizes), attaching themselves to the bottom of your platform threatening to pull it down.

You notice that you have a set of scissors you can use to cut the cords attaching to the balloons or weights. But what ropes do you cut? Well simple enough - you need to look at what each individual test is doing -- is this a balloon for your platform or is it a weight?

Then you use the knowledge of what happened after you open each box to cut the cords holding the weights & keep the ones with the balloons. As you do this your platform lifts higher & higher.

Soon enough you start to notice a pattern, which boxes are more likely to have balloons & which are more likely to have weights. Because you’re not only learning based on what happens, but you soon start to be able to predict with a degree of certainty what likely will happen based on everything you’ve learned.

You repeat this process, opening boxes you feel with a degree of certainty will have a balloon, and when you do open one with a weight you know to immediately cut it off. Then you take a mental note of what that box looked like to try and avoid similar ones in the future. 

Your platform now has hundreds of balloons of all shapes and sizes and climbs higher & higher - propelling you to new heights & success!

I hope you enjoyed that lighthearted & visual example, but this is a simplified version of what you do in your business every day, whether you realize it or not!

You’re constantly testing new things to see what works, then cutting what doesn’t & scaling what does. As you gain more knowledge, you start being able to predict with a degree of accuracy what is likely to happen with each new test -- backing that up with what does happen.

When you perfect this Marketer’s Mindset, you have a total shift in how you approach ideas, strategies & tests in your business -- propelling you to new heights! all relies on actually taking the time to analyze what you learn.

This is a perfect transition into some of my biggest Learning Lessons & Wins for February:

Win: We Embraced & Hedged for the Constraints

I knew going into February that we were going to have several constraints on our team & that we were going to need to lean into them, as opposed to trying to fight them.

By planning for the constraints that we had in February we were able to successfully hedge and set up plans to ensure we hit our targets for the month.

We had several big Constraints in February:

- Julia (my head of Operations) and I both moved cross-country to Austin TX (taking away our core focus for a week)
- We got delayed mid-move due to the ice storms in Texas - requiring us to move meetings & plans around
- We had 4 different members of our team get covid (all separate cases & remote) in February including 2 big members/leaders of our sales team
- Not to mention February is a shorter, 28 day month!

Now, half of these constraints were planned/known, while the others like the ice storm & team members getting sick were things we dealt with in the moment.

But the important thing was how we went into the month & how we handled the constraints we had. 


We prepared for the constraints we knew we had & we built-in a margin for unforeseen constraints that could pop up -- which several did.

Understanding that in a time of transition - like moving across the country there are naturally a lot of constraints - allowed me to mentally prepare for when those came up & built-in Margin during the times that were unconstrained (pre & post move) in order to ensure we hit our targets.

The same way a good sales team or marketing team puts in the extra effort on weekdays knowing that they need to counteract the slowdown on weekends.

Planning for & hedging against constraints is the key!

And that is what allowed us to hit a NEW RECORD -- $949,000 in February -- setting the stage for our first $1 Million Month!

Win: Double Down on the YouTube Advertising MasterClass (Front End Product)

Alright, this is a fun one... a little bit of “behind the scenes” on what we’re seeing right now!

As you may know, we launched our $47 Front End Product the YouTube Advertising MasterClass in late January. It was a massive success in January to our Facebook Group & Email list, but I knew the key would be successfully scaling YouTube Ads to our MasterClass!

And that’s exactly what we did in February!

We dialed in & Cracked the code on:

YouTube Ads -> Front End Products 🚀

Which is MASSIVE!

We’ve been able to dial in our cold traffic YouTube Ads to the MasterClass to produce buyer leads at a 𝗳𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 of the Net Ad Cost (ad spend - liquidation) of our Webinar Ads!

And a big part of it comes down to not just the fact that we have a $47 YouTube Advertising MasterClass & we’re the best in the world when it comes to YouTube Ads. We also setup the MasterClass itself and our funnel to provide MASSIVE value, while still making it clear the “next step” is booking a complimentary strategy call with our team to map out YouTube Ads for their business!

To date, we've sold over 1,250+ copies of the MasterClass!

And we’ve been scaling fast! We’re already selling 50/day and looking to ramp that up to 100/day within the next month or two!

And of course, the best part is we’re gaining a ton of new clients from those who were so impressed with our MasterClass & our strategy call that they then invest to work with us to implement YouTube Ads to skyrocket their Leads & Sales!

Lesson: Sales & Marketing Need To Work in Concert

Going hand & hand with the MasterClass doing so well is the realization that our Marketing & Sales Teams need to work in concert with each other!

Especially since our Specialists are so important in helping buyer leads become full program clients!

What we ended up doing was set up a weekly “Sales & Marketing Bridge” call with our Marketing Leadership & Sales Leadership to coordinate consistently to ensure efforts are aligned with each other - especially when it comes to the MasterClass!

Hard Lesson: Learning to Say "No" 
Opportunity Cost & Time Management

A hard lesson I had to learn in February was learning to say “No” 

This was a tough one for me because I am naturally someone who wants to ALWAYS provide value and do things for other people when they ask for it.

But what I realized is that saying ‘Yes’ to everything or even too many things was doing myself, my team & my clients a disservice.

Because if I just agree to take every call, or be on every podcast, or accept every opportunity -- I won’t have the bandwidth to do the things that move the needle for the business & my clients!

Now, this is something I’ve known to a degree and I’ve been getting more & more selective with the opportunities I accept & the meetings I take. However, this was especially made clear to me in February when all of my business responsibilities & my move, combined with the commitments I agreed to, added up to so much time it was hard to pull out high-level.

So I worked with my Executive Assistant to ensure that I was able to protect my time & bandwidth so that I can focus on the high-impact activities that are beneficial to my clients, my team & myself. 

While for people like me, it can be hard to say “No” -- it is vital that I know where to put my bandwidth so that I can look after my clients & team FIRST.

And I feel I put it to my Assistant very well: 

“I’m going to show up 110% on EVERY call I get on, and every podcast appearance I make. I am going to give my ALL to every opportunity I accept - because that’s who I am & how I show up”...

“But, what we need to do is determine what ends up on my calendar & what opportunities I accept. Because there is only so much time & energy - and I have to look after my team & clients first"

^^ This was a very valuable lesson I learned in the constraints of a very busy month like February, and one that will ensure that what I do put my time, energy & focus on are going to be the things that have the biggest impact! 💯

Lesson: Focus on Exciting Projects 
Excitement Leads to Achievement

Going in line with the lesson I learned above, the flipside to this newfound selectiveness of the opportunities I accept is that it allows me to accept the opportunities that EXCITE me the most!

Which typically are the opportunities that move the needle forward the most as well.

Because one thing I’ve learned is that Excitement Leads to Achievement 💯

I can’t share everything I’m working on, but what I can say is that there are some BIG things coming that I am SO excited about!

Both within AdOutreach & in parallel to it as well!

The big thing I learned is that when I have a few projects I’m really excited about - the energy I have for EVERYTHING massively increases!

Lesson: Innovation is Needed to Scale Past $1 Million/mo

Following with the theme of building upon the last lesson, I’ve found that Innovation is the key to breaking revenue milestones, especially in the $1 Million/mo territory.

In the Online Consulting space, there is a clear cut path to 8-figure status & then $1 Million Months (a path which I’ve had mentors help me with & that I now mentor our clients in achieving as well)

However, in this business, $1 Million/mo+ is relatively uncharted territory. In fact, there are a small set of businesses aiming to scale massively beyond this point... but what I’ve found is that they all seem to have their own paths they take to get there.

So a lot of my “High-Level Thinking” time has been spent mapping out the path to $2 Million/mo & $3 Million/mo.

The key here I have found is Innovation!

Win: Moved to Austin TX!

You may have seen that I moved out of Boston & down to Austin TX!

I fell in love with Austin the first time I visited the city - it’s incredibly entrepreneurial, vibrant & filled with amazing people & a great atmosphere! 

(And the fact that it’s a lot warmer & has fewer taxes than Boston doesn’t hurt either haha!)

But in all seriousness, I am so EXCITED to be in a new & forward-moving city here in Austin!

And we’re currently in the process of signing on a 5,000sq ft office in the heart of downtown so we can have many of our AdOutreach Dream Team members join us & build an office that captures our incredible culture!

Win: On Track for our First $1 Million Month in March 🎉 

As of writing this, we’re on track for our first $1 Million Month! 

And if all goes according to plan we’re looking to build in Margin & shoot for $1.2 Million+ based on everything we’ve put in place. That way we aim higher & ensure we surpass our target!

I’ll be sure to give an update on how this goes as we shoot for our first $1 Million Month in March!
I hope you found my learning lessons valuable! 

Big things are coming this month, this year & in the years ahead! 🚀

- Aleric Heck

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