3 Reasons Why YouTube Is A Key Ad Platform
By Aleric Heck
January 1, 2020

Hey! Aleric here. Founder of AdOutreach, the #1 resource for empowering businesses across the world with dynamic YouTube Ads that attract their ideal clients.

For any entrepreneur that’s trying to grow our scale their business, inevitably they rely on the one machine that produces more leads, applications & sales than any other:


Whether it’s a billion-dollar company like Apple or a small business, companies around the world depend on advertising to flood new customers into their stores or online marketplaces. In the world of marketing, there’s one company that’s grown to become synonymous with advertising: Facebook.

Since 2012, Facebook has long been considered the “gold standard” in advertising. Every year, millions of accounts spend billions of dollars in ads to drive new customers and more revenue into their stores.

However, as time went on... the popularity of the platform grew, so did the competition. As more people began to compete for the same eyeballs, rates of return began to plummet. In addition, a myriad of lawsuits forced Facebook to change many of its policies, hurting results even further.

(And that’s not even including the random account bans!)

That, my friend, is what I call the Red Ocean. Facebook used to be the Blue Ocean of low ad costs & unstoppable growth potential for online businesses. Right now, it’s blood seeping red filled with bottlenecks that will stop consistent leads & sales right in its tracks.

Plus, as we look to Q1 of 2021, Apple is set to take a stand for privacy with the release of iOS14. This will give users the right to “opt out” of being tracked by Facebook, which means they’ll lose vital data they’ve relied on for years to produce quality results!

When you look at all of these events, it’s no wonder that businesses around the world are looking for a new solution. One that gives them:

→ The performance of the old days of Facebook...
→ The reliability of not having their ad account shut down…
→ The freedom to scale to 4x-5x ROI without anything breaking…

In other words: A Blue Ocean.
However, there’s a platform that is quietly exploding onto the advertising scene: YouTube Ads. YouTube Ads have begun to take the world by storm and since 2016, AdOutreach has been leading the charge to help businesses produce results that far surpass Facebook.

With the power of YouTube Ads, you can reach your hottest prospects, and produce a windfall of quality leads, applications, and sales all with just one single video. As a result, entrepreneurs are beginning to realize it's the perfect platform to separate themselves from the competition.

This is why I believe...

YouTube Ads are the NEW Blue Ocean.

But what exactly makes YouTube Ads so powerful? After all, I can sing its praises all day, but now I want to give you the reasons why YouTube Ads are the new king of the jungle. So without further ado...

Here are 3 reasons why YouTube is a Key Ad Platform In 2021 and beyond.

#1: Cheaper Ad Costs

One of the greatest differences between YouTube Ads and Facebook is how they both charge for ads.

On Facebook, you are charged every time someone views your ad, regardless of what the end-user is doing. There are no exceptions to this. This means in order to maximize the ROI on your ad budget, you need to constantly test for the hottest audiences possible.

However, with YouTube, the story is different. On their platform, you don’t pay until someone watches 30 seconds of your ad. That means from 5 seconds (when you can skip), up until 29 seconds in if someone skips your ad, you don’t pay a dime!

As a result, this dramatically increases your chances of showing your offer to the hottest prospects possible.

#2: The “Learner’s Mindset”

Another reason why YouTube is a key ad platform is due to what I call “The Learner’s Mindset.”

Let me explain.

On Facebook, the truth is that the majority of users are not on there with the intent to buy anything. They’re often on there to scroll, check up on friends and what’s going on in the world. So when ads are placed in front of them, most aren’t in a state to act on anything.

They might click on your ad to read what it’s about or find out more, but unless they’re already in a state to buy, the chances of converting them into a sale are small.

Now if we compare this to YouTube, visitors are already in what I call the “learner’s mindset”. This means that they’re on YouTube with the agenda to learn more about something.

Let’s take “Real Estate Investing” for example.

If someone wants to get into this field, then chances are high that at some point, they’re going to look up videos about real estate investing and how to get started.

Now let’s say you’re a Real Estate Investing coach. You can then use YouTube Ads to showcase a video on how Real Estate Investing works and position a strategy call with you.

Since this prospect is already actively looking for a solution, they are significantly more likely to book that call and become a client!

This is a powerful piece of YouTube Ads that is unparalleled in the world of marketing.

#3: YouTube Ads Are A “Blue Ocean”

Unlike the strict competition on Facebook, YouTube Ads are still a wide-open playing field.

While Facebook still continues to be viewed as the “gold standard” this is steadily vanishing as more lawsuits result in policies that decrease results and drain ad budgets.

As a result, more businesses now than ever are seeking a platform that is safe and produces the same (if not better) results than they were getting on Facebook. 

These 3 reasons are why YouTube Ads have exploded in popularity and become a key platform in the world of advertising.

With just one video, you can get your offer in front of your hottest prospects easier than A.B.C.

Since 2016, me and my team at AdOutreach have been helping businesses across the world make the transition to video marketing.

With our unique approach to creating high-converting video campaigns, we’re helping businesses produce industry-leading ROI’s across a myriad of industries.

If you want to find out more about AdOutreach and how we use video marketing to scale businesses around the world (and consistently beat Facebook’s results), you can check us out at www.AdOutreach.com
Here’s to more leads, applications & sales!

P.S. Grab some time on our calendar here if you would like to talk with us about using YouTube ads. Apply now.

— Aleric

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