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AdOutreach August 2020 Recap

We broke our monthly revenue record AGAIN in 
August by hitting $762,000!

Written By Aleric Heck | CEO of AdOutreach
We did it!
We broke our monthly revenue record AGAIN in August by hitting $762,000!
A huge win for our team.
In fact, this is actually our 4th consecutive record-breaking month. 
And we’ve nearly doubled in size over those 4 months! 
Below, I want to share some of the lessons I learned last month to document the journey and hopefully inspire you to chase the things you want in your business.

Build margins to cope with emergencies

Here’s the truth…
Without building margins, we wouldn’t have hit our goal. 
David, our top advisor, had his second daughter this month.
It’s exciting, and I’m proud that I run a business that can support families and give people the time off they need to be with their loved ones when it matters most. 
But it still provides a challenge for us as a business. 
Because David consistently produces $200k to $250k per month by himself!
So I knew if he was out, we were potentially down by that amount. 
The fix: 
I built a margin into our numbers. 
I set our projection as $750k and our goal as $800k. 
By doing this, I ingrained in my team that, even if David was out of the office, the FLOOR was $750k. And we’d have to pull together to make that happen at the very least. 

Challenge your sales team to operate at peak performance

Knowing David was out meant that I knew I needed to rally the rest of my advisor team to operate at 110%.
So I painted the picture of them hitting their own goals…
And I made sure that they had all the resources and support they needed to make it happen. 
But maybe the most important part was showing them that I trusted them completely… and that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we would hit our goal. 

Dial in your teams so they’re razor-sharp

Think back a couple of months ago. 
Back to when I mentioned how I’d started having our team call every webinar lead. 
Well, it’s been working great.
But I noticed recently that my Specialist team (who do this) weren’t clear on exactly how the outreach should be done.
Sure, everyone was given training and they were getting results.
But they still didn’t feel like they could perform like the top specialists on the team. 
It was like they were missing the right tool. 
So I set my top-performing specialist, sales coordinator & head of Ops on a mission to build out SOPs, systems and scripts for exactly how to maximize sets & sets closed.
The result: 
Our specialist team played a KEY role in August’s $762k record breaking month.
And I have no doubt it will play a key role in our upcoming $1 Million Months!

Translate your talents to your teams

Believe it or not, I got to over $750k/month basically running ALL of my own YouTube ads. 
Which was something I used to take great pride in. 
But the truth is, we only have 24 hours in a day… 
And while I’m the CEO of a rapidly growing business, I can’t sustain or scale the ads on my own anymore. 
So last month, I started translating my marketing talents and skills to my media buyer – and let me tell you, it has been incredible watching him implement my strategies & learn so fast!

Double down on your core clients

In one of my higher level thinking sessions, I realized that a large portion of our clients are Coaches, Consultants & Course creators.
But our main webinar we’ve been running for a while now (although high-converting) caters to businesses of any kind.
I wanted to make sure that I had a funnel dedicated to my key target market.
So I spent time developing a brand new webinar…
"How To Create an 'Infinite Pipeline' of Coaching & Consulting Clients Using YouTube Ads"
And let me tell you: 
It’s already paying off in a big way!

Dial in ALL the parts of your business

Recently, I’ve been focusing a lot on the kind of high level thinking a CEO should do.
That’s why I’ve started seeing my business as being held together by 4 key pillars. 
So that I can focus on growing & dialing in each pillar individually.
The four pillars in my business are: 
• Sales Team
• Operations
• Marketing Team
• Client Success
By separating my business like this, I’ve been able to really focus on what each area of my business needs most.

Keep your WHY front and center

A key component of leadership is to start with WHY.
I’ve been reading & listening to Simon Sinek recently where he talks about his "Golden Circle" and how the greatest leaders in the world inspire action by starting with "why".
It’s an internal shift you have to make. 
I’ve always been client-focused and results-oriented.
But I realized that I may not have been echoing that enough in everything I do. 
Yes, we may have revenue goals…
But it’s NOT about revenue.
It’s about IMPACT.
One of our clients Johnathan, recently gave a testimonial where he talked about how he almost quit his business & got a 9-5…
Until he joined our program.
Then he had his first $10,000 month…
Then $30-40,000 month…
Then $30,000 week…
And eventually $100,000+ month!
That level of transformation is why I love what I do & what I live for.
It’s my WHY.
And the team members that I want on my team are the ones attracted by that same WHY and are the ones happy to let it drive their day-to-day actions. 
So by keeping my why front and center, I should attract exactly who I need. 
So there it is. 

The lessons I learned from hitting $762,000 in August. 

I hope you can take them and use them in your own business. 
You never know, they might help you to break your own records in September! 

- Aleric Heck

P.S. – As always, the VAST MAJORITY of our $762,000 came from YouTube ads…
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